I only have one thing to say right now, I would say a lot more but I don't

want to have to subject everyone on this board to it so, you'll just have to

wait until I'm face to face with your ghost for you to hear it. But, this it it,

If you 3 times as much with th e Enchangters so far, is that why you sat in

your new guild and just made threats and empty promises and didn't take any

action. Then when I was threating to come after you ene even if you were in

your guild you qq'd? The only think or thing enven you seemed to have learned

from your new found friends is to shoot your mouth off more, and qq even faster.

To think I once supported and respected you.

Wizard Marik, Guildmaster, Baron of Springdale, Follower of Justice and hater of telnet.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Ilmarael, in the year 974.