Your City.

Gunther the Otherwiseto Wizard Amygdala

To clear up a few things once and for all, here we go:

ONE I was punsihed for voicing my opinion. Very childish. My four aid positions were taken away and my guildfavour with catigere led to walking around undead until I apologized.

TWO Marik, you received you position as GM by default. You might wish to remember that. I defended you against Yaragn's proposal that you be removed. How quick we forget.

THREE Fabien, and I quote, \"Gunther when you reject Springdale, you reject me, because I am Springdale\". I suggest you have Amy widen the roads to make room for your oversized head.

FOUR This divine bounty on my head is kinda cool and I have to thank you for that. Please ask Castigere to change the Justice part of his name to INjustice.

FIVE And for the final time, Amygdala, you have no business as Prince. You were ready to quit the city until Gwen talked you out of it, all because no one considered you for Prince. Well, here is a news flash, your loyal subjects are not very loyal. I

expect the throne to have a new arse in the big chair soon.

Six Lastly, to Marik and Fabien, your threats to kill me are amusing. The only wizard that could actually fight was Ghan and it was unfortunate that most of his knowledge went with him. I have learned more in three days as an Enchanter than I did in 3

months with the Wizards.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Ilmarael, in the year 974.