Mage Ever Happy Bumble Bee, Silver Wingsto Everyone

Hiya all

As you all may know by now Bumble's leaving the land in a few (rl) days.

I want to thank a few people even though i know the first one I am going to thank is no longer in the lands to receive it.

Ingens He was the first person I ever met in avalon he guided me in the wasy of MUDS well basically it was his fault i went to Mercinae (Jeeze you smelt his feet?).

Omacron My darling husband who has made me the happiest most content person in the land. I'm just sorry I couldnt gie him his deepest wish which was a child before I left. I love you more than words can say and hope that you will stay happy until my r


Fredegar My GM and a proud man who guided me in the ways of fighting (although I cant fight to well I was able to defend against theives for the firsst time ever! Wasn't I Kelthos?? *beam*

Katherine Although with our personaly differences she has always been a loyal friend to me, and yeah i hate to admit it she is a better baroness too *smile*

Dr Dhonuill You have been one of the most important people in my life and i will love you always for how you moulded Bumble into a human(avalon human) with feelings instead of just another The Bee without the Sting.

There are many more with whom Ive laughed and cried, Screamed at (Culinane) and slapped around (Omacron).

For those of who I havent mentioned you are in my heart and I thank you for being part of Bumble.

Finally no Nostradamus before you ask I am not naming the baby Nostie! Genesis I will be back so you can take my shout off me another 500 times before I retire for good.

Apollo my humble apologies go to you for ever disrespecting you, Aldaron Hmm well I will miss your humour (well I think it was humour I laughed at you anyway, just in case)

And finally to all of you good and bad, pure and just plain \"cute\" I will miss you and thanks for all you have ever done for me.

Oh Wraith thank you for our most unusual weddings and yes I still think your jokes suck!

I will be gone in a few days and hope to say good bye to who i can before i leave.

(hugs) to all my friends old and new

Panaideos I just know you are really sweet deep down come giz a snog ya miserable sod before I leave. Threap (aww boo sucks) cant kill you any more but thanks for the few i got in.

Kelthos it could have been fun showing you a few more times how mages kick ass!

Finally to all my Mages \"KICK ASS KIDS!!!! \" Bumble will be back!

Ever Happy Bumble Bee, Silver Wings

Written by my hand on the 27th of Eleuthral, in the year 974.