Mad Savannahto Everyone

I have had it. I just distinctly saw the entire rangers guild pick every herb and poison from the stocks of the thieves guild, just after I'd watched them pick everything from the wizards, who'd gotten it from the warlocks, who'd ripped it free of the

animists - and I am appalled.

I also distinctly saw the entire bards guild (all both of them) stand by and not pick ucklice, not pick it all the way down to 10, and I have suspicions that they may not be picking kelventari as well. Someone needs to answer for this.

If the posturing and rabbit-like jockeying continues we seers shall be forced to engage in lengthy herb bonding wars, in which we sit for hours in gardens imprinting hapless bundles of wirren.

Just adding a further dash of trivial blather to the latest emergence of the herb debate.


Written by my hand on the 11th of Eleuthral, in the year 973.