a few things.

Peaceful Sirona, Starry-eyed Dryadto Everyone

Firstly, Lilandrin, the animist who brought us the lestagii, arrived

in the lands over 10 years ago I'd wadger, and had picked the lestagii

before I even existed. Since I remember lestagii being available when

I was a young animist, I sincerely doubt he picked it to extinction.

You'd be amazed how old the herbs in many of our pouches are, my iorthir

for instance predates to back when I was married to the GM of the mages.

And frankly, most of it, predates my being Guildswoman of the Animists.

Let alone Guildhead, or GuildMistress.

Secondly, A gentle reminder that Lemandree speaks for Lemandree.

While he shares views that the guild holds, and vice versa neither

of us are in a position to speak for each other. I know it is quite

easy to assume that all Druids think alike, but its not the case.

Animists within the Guild, agree to follow guild policy, those without

answer only to Aldaron.

And lastly, that above reminder is not a statement in any way as to

the guild's views on what non-guildmember Animists say or do. They are

free to serve Aldaron as they see fit, as are we. Sometimes we agree,

sometimes not.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Leaflost, in the year 972.