nearly, but not quite right.

Mr. Lemandree the Hermitto Lilandrin the Lioness

I didn't say that the animists were in control of the

rangers guild. In fact, the heart of the problem seems

to be the refusal of the senior rangers to ascribe any

validity to our beliefs, whatsoever.

I believe that the rangers SHOULD be prepared to accept

our guidance/follow our lead. Take that as being 'in

control', if you like, but be aware I don't actually

expect the animist GM to be 'in control' of animists,

never mind any other guild. All should do what they

think is right. You need to learn that the animists

are not wrong. At worst, they are only different.

If you cannot concede at least that much, then I

cannot concede you any right to be a ranger, mustXXXX never

mind a ranger GM.

Are you going to return the rangers to the support

of the animists, or are they going to cease to be

rangers? that choice, and power, appears to be

entirely yours to make.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Hindyear, in the year 972.