Lilandrin the Lionessto Mr. Lemandree the Hermit

I once remember us having a conversation with you about how the Animists like to

lord it over our guild. Mostly to do with you believing the Animists were

the political wing of the forest, and the Rangers were the military wing of the forest

You said that the Animists were in control of the Rangers because

the political wing must always be over the military wing. This is a strange

thing coming from a man who susposedly loves peace.

The Rangers guild was not created at the beset of the Animists guild, it

was created by Maedhros Allendil, the Hunter and will always follow

his teachings.

And finally, I seem to value life more then you do, Lemandree, because I will

do anything to protect those who cannot protect themselves. When was the

last time you saw me attack a youngster just out of the schools? I have

seen more Sorcs doing this, and more sorcs getting brews when someone finally

gets them on a challenge then you could ever believe.

Animists are hypocritical pompous asses.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Hindyear, in the year 972.