Lilandrin the Lionessto Everyone

Lemandree, Animists have truly no means of acomplishing much in Avalon except

gaining friends and winning influence therefore by giving people herbs

and a lot of them. I dont see any reason at all for any animist

to have any herb at all, seeing as you guys don't really need to

use them. Also, I realize that Animists are generally ignorant of any

practical survival skills in Avalon but if you want to know, ALL herbs

will occur naturally, even wurtfoil. When it does, Rangers are usually the

ones to pick it (we're smart enough to have figured out the cycle of growth) and

we tend to make sure the people who really need brews get them, instead of

people who go about slaying babies repeatedly to rack up mega-BL and

then die on a challenge and lose all that (another thing Animists

are completely incapable of understanding).

Nivea, I've heard your sob stories before (mostly to do with a kidnapping

you set up and blamed on someone else) so it's not going to work on me, my

dear. What gives you, or ANY animist the right to think you should

control herb growth in Avalon and prune herbs where you see fit? Is

this where all the lestagii has gone also??


Written by my hand on the 8th of Hindyear, in the year 972.