an offer you can probably refuse.

Mr. Lemandree the Hermitto Lilandrin the Lioness

Give me thirty essence and I'll plant 30 lestagii for you,

in any valley spot that you can take me to. So would any

other animist, with the appropriate skills, i would suspect.

Seriously, it IS unlikely that any animist is

hoarding lestagii. remeber, most of us are pacifists, and,

as such, have precisely NO use for the stuff whatsoever,

ourselves. Granted, we could try selling it, but shop

sales don't work for rare herbs - first man to the shop

after stocking gets the lot, rest get nowt.

And I doubt I'm the only druid type with little use for

money, either.

Still, you never know. Just as it's been impossible for us

to find out where the dodgy wurt is coming from, i expect

neither of us will have any luck whatsoever tracking down

errant lestagii. Unless some multiclassed god/accountant

can implement an audit trail for the plantlife, for us.

Now *THAT* would be an impressive miracle ;)

Written by my hand on the 24th of Ilmarael, in the year 972.