I sincerely doubt you will receive any flames from Animists my dear

Blueskull for you have, through experimentation, managed to figure it

out exactly. In each patch there is a mother herb. Pick it, and the

patch dies. Replant one, and you create a new mother herb and therefore

insure that Aldaron's bounty will be a continued gift to the lands. For

ages and eons Animists have replanted one, and while we sometimes get

one who forgets, they are quickly reminded by their brothers and sisters.

Our experience also indicates that having larger seed plots speeds

growth, and leaving larger numbers insures good growth patterns. Several

Gods over the years have agreed that this is true.

Currently however, there is a slight problem with herbs, that some

patches don't seem to think they are alive. Replanted time and time

again, never picked from, and they still refuse to grow. Our guild, and

a few other persons skilled in herbs have been looking into this. We

hope that eventually it shall be resolved. No doubt through divine

intervention. But despite that, many patches are growing well, and if

treated carefully, will continue to flourish, provided everyone does as

you have suggested.

Ps to Lilandrin, no one in my guild needs lestagii, a returning animist

brought us enough to provide for our needs for years. We haven't picked

any in hmm I'd say at least 10 years. Iorthir also. And it remains, no

animist will pick from a plot of less then 25, unless to replant elsewhere.

It goes against our vows to Aldaron to preserve his forests.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Ilmarael, in the year 972.