lestagii and other herbs.

Insolent Blueskull the Pirateto Everyone

A few weeks back, around the time that lestagii became unavailable to the mages, someone picked the whole of the north road clean.

I dutifully replanted the whole thing with two lestagii in each spot. For the next couple of days, the lestagii grew at the usual herb growing rate. On the third day the lestagii, was all picked to two. I believe that whoever picked it at that point,

failed to replant as they picked. If the location only has 5 herbs in, and you pick three of them, the chances of picking the mother herb is 3 in 5. Not good odds.

To clarify - I dont believe any single person is constantly picking the road to two, I think they would have been spotted by now. I do think however that someone is not replanting, and that the herb is therefore not growing.

For those of you who have only recently started to pick, herbs or poisons, you MUST replant just one plant, everytime you pick. If you come across a location with 3 phoroz, and you feel compelled to pick one, pick two and replant one.

To further bore you, and just to underline the point, if you pick a variety of flora from spot, replant one of each.

I have done some experimenting with herbs and poisons, and have found that the rate of growth, is not effected greatly by the numbers present in one spot, at least not until the numbers get into the hundreds.

Whilst I taking the time, perhaps I can air, something which grieves me greatly. Kylan once told me that whilst cav's can pick some poisons, they cannot replant. The effect that their picking activities must have on the poison supply, can only be desc

ribed as 'horribly awesome'.

Cav's, God's and Animists, feel free to shoot down my theories in flames, if you like, but these facts are based on experiments. If anyone has had different experiences, do tell !!

Written by my hand on the 17th of Ilmarael, in the year 972.