Killing people.

The Reverend Panaideosto Lilandrin the Lioness

Recently i've noticed that you're killing those wandering around

Avalon without any good reason. You don't just attack those who've

previously given you reason, anyone will do.

The idea of killing for pleasure sickens me as it does all Avalonians

who have sound hearts and minds, it appears that why you do what you do


This indiscriminate killing is destructive to our society and must be

stopped immediately. There can be no excuse for killing others except in

self defence and maybe, in extreme cases, as punishment for their crimes.

If you do decide to continue this slaughter, then so be it, I certainly

can protect myself. However, I am sure that there are others who would

like to be able to walk around without fear of being killed (and there

are, no doubt, some youngsters out there who have never been able to do

this without protection in their life). Could you please stop this killing

(and stripping while you are at it) which is abhorrent to us all.

Thank you,

The Reverend Panaideos.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Ilmarael, in the year 972.