Goodbye to Old News.

The Darkheart Arikarr Magebaneto Lorelord Allanon


If you have the literate skills prerequisite to read this, Thakria is, indeed a city of Miracles,

a miracle that we don't have to suffer citizens the likes of you and your cronies. Your activities,

along with you litte gang are reminiscent of playground bullies. You'll be stealing sweeties next.

I've told you to your face how pathetic and ignoble your actions are, and well they demonstrate

the ethos of those of your guild and your worthless city. Thakria may not be in the best condition

it ever has been, but you won't see us whining about how 'unfair' Avalon has become.

And, dear, dear Allanon, who will protect your little huggies from the Bad Men now?

Whilst the mouse is away the demons shall play.

Until next time.

Arikarr, for Thakria.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Ilmarael, in the year 972.