Parrius and Mercinae.

Blue Blaatandto Everyone

Parrius has tried to end the war with Mercinae, but Culinane and a couple of his barons didnt want the war to end. Peacetalks has therefore been abandoned.

The war was fought because Mercinae thought Knightswood and Nassau belonged to them, and they asked Parrius to remove the parrian legions or face the consequences. well, the war was fought, but suddenly Mercinae didnt feel they have to face the conseq


Parrius offered a treaty where Mercinae wasnt allowed to march their troops east of the Halfway Tavern or into Nassau for the next 10 years. In return Parrius would promise not to attack inside Mercinaen walls and also help Mercinae with all commoditi

es they need. (food, wood, oxen, seeds - all except ores).

After the 10 years had passed it was the hope of the parrian government, that Mercinae and Parrius could meet again and discuss an even longer-lasting treaty without having to use legions to battle it out...

It looks to me as the Mercinaen nobility are playing a game where they put personal revenge over the welfare of their city and their citizens.

Best Regards, Blue Blaatand

Written by my hand on the 10th of Midwinter, in the year 971.