Newbies, Death and Thakrians.

Arikarr Darkheartto Jherad, Walking on the Sun

Killed a Newbie (Under DP, presumably) to enable them to kill a guiding

player (also under DP)?!

I was unaware this was possible, by any means! I find it difficult to believe that

the Gods had not noticed this. Perhaps they should be made aware if they are not

already. I can't believe that this would be an intentional policy. The killing of

such newbies is one way to ensure the death of our great game, and cannot be

allowed, surely?

On the subject of honour, I have learnt a lot over the last few days about it, and

the one absolute conclusion I have come to is that Honour is not linked in anyway

to City. It doesn't matter whether they come from Thakria, Springtown, Parrius,

Mercinae or even just mundane ol' RL, some people have honour and some people don't

and you can't rely on anyone to do the 'honourable' thing, unless you have seen

them do it before, time and time again.

Lets face it folks, most of us will grab a kill or strip any time, place and method

that we can.

Arikarr, A Free-Thinker and Proud of It.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Leaflost, in the year 970.