Kilthas Van Dhoomto Jherad, Walking on the Sun


As to how they managed killing the newbie, I've not the slightest clue, but

I would like to point out that your comments on their honour are duly noted, though

I'm surprised to learn that anyone out there actually felt that they still had

some small morsel of it. After all, when supposed friends turn around and attack

you without even having the decency to tell you they no longer care, well, that

doesn't show much in the way of honour. A challenge? They abuse them. And don't

be surprised if further things like what happened to you today don't happen in

the future. Such is life in Thakria, at least as that city's very citizens

would like me to believe. They have a right to their lifestyles, I suppose, but

just don't trust them. They'll backstab you.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Leaflost, in the year 970.