Parrius, your kind offer.

Culinane, got my Mojo Workingto Everyone


I thank Blaatand for attempting peace talks, and spending some time with Mutt in doing them. Unfortunately, the bottom line is that where we in Mercinae feel that we would be bound by any agreement with Parrius, it is our belief that certain citizens

of Parrius would not feel equally bound.

Plaman has quite happily defined himself as an opportunist, and we belive that he will continue to take advantage of any opportunity, regardless of agreements or otherwise. Taliesin speaks out of both sides of his mouth, saying he would like to resol

ve matters and encourage good parrius Mercinae realtions then jumping on the bandwagon when Thakria invades.

Mercinae won't or perhaps as Blaatand succinctly puts it, can't lift a finger against Parrius in any event. We offer no commitments and no assurances other than the plain fact that we are in no position to fight Parrius. If you choose to invade us,

we feel that, quite likely, any agreement we would have made with you would have been tossed aside for the cnvenience of such an invasion in any event.

We will not tie our hands by committing to an agreement which we feel some, though not all, Parrians will simply not honour.

I post this on the public board to minimize confusion amongst the citizens of both cities.

Likely, the next few posts can be skipped. It will be the usual litany of thakrian gloating and insults, ad hominem attacks and so on.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Ilmarael, in the year 970.