Blue Blaatandto Wizard Amygdala, Guardian of Dreams

Amygdala, I asked you just before what you meant to obtain with your most recent post, you answered 'clarification'. ok, here goes:

you see, its not tough at all to understand what goes on in Parrius. all you do is type 'help Parrius' and the most wonderful text will come up. it will even show you that Plaman and Taliesin in fact had very much authority to do as they did.

Plaman is Field Marshall so when he decided to invade a city we were at war with, it could be called a surprise, but not a totally unexpected one...

Lastly: As Plaman states we are no lapdog of Thakria and will never be. I will correct Plaman just a little though: Parrius of Olde did not follow the road Mercinae or Springdale wanted her to follow either...

Regards, Blaatand

Written by my hand on the 28th of Midsummer, in the year 970.