Why do you bother?.

The Reverend Panaideosto Duke Braveheart

Mercinae has never risen like the Phoenix, it just sometimes makes it

onto its knees to get kicked to the floor again.

Mercinae has done nothing of worth in the 90 years of my life here and

I can't recall any tales of Mercinae ever doing anything of note. I very

much doubt that it will ever achieve anything of merit, certainly not

with the citizens it currently has.

Most of what could be destroyed in Mercinae has been destroyed, the

defeat inflicted was pretty much as complete as it could possibly have

been. The only real improvement that could have been made would be if

we had broken the spirits of the Mercinaen citizens and taken away their


Maybe if you get some citizens with either spirit or pride we'll do that


Written by my hand on the 30th of Skyelong, in the year 970.