Duke Braveheartto The Reverend Panaideos

You never cease to amaze me in your feeble attempts to claim such mammouth deeds as you have just outlined in your previous dribble.

Your account of what happened yesterday is myopic at best.

However, you should be given some award for the \"spin\" you must have spent hours anguishing over when you utilize words of more than one syllable.

Your accounting for the why's and wherefore's regarding the actions of the small number of our citizens that happened to be present during your little raid is laughable but in line with your rearing.

I am quite certain you had other worldly communication with all the Mercinae citizens you speak of and can attest as to why they acted as they did.

Ahh, but I keep forgetting, you ARE Panaidoes! You exist in everyone's mind and see and know all. How silly of me!

I admit the Thakrian surprise did inflict damage to the City of Merciane but not to the extent of the first invasion that took place hundreds of years ago.

Please have some dignity and try not to compare this skirmish with the first invasion, you embarrass yourself.

But carry on mighty Sorcerer. Sullying your shorts over your small victory is par for the course where you are concerned.

Your uncontested visit will go on record. Merciane will lick her wounds and rise again like the Phoenix!

She has done so before and will again.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Skyelong, in the year 970.