Sherriff Taliesin, the Justto Everyone

Last Week the Prince of Mercinae approved the destruction of 1500 Parrian troops in a snit over the loss of 56.

This week we have assisted Thakria's Glorious Invasion in player combat, the likes of which I have not enjoyed since the last Ordination. We also marched a large legion in and razed the last barracks and numerous shops and stores.

I thank mercinae for donating their carts to me through sheer stupidity. You used pw people to run rations to your armies, and when they released the carts to their fellow, i stole them. You might desire to buy some skull runes.

Parrius will happily work with Thakria in the coming time to assemble a more-useful Mercinae.

Springdale: We noticed both your defiance of the invasion of mercinae and your slaying of our troops in kristianisti. We will be visitng you soon, perhaps.

For Parrian Security forces everywhere...

Written by my hand on the 28th of Skyelong, in the year 970.