Arikarr Darkheartto Silo the Loose Cannon

Did I say nice? did I say lovely? Nay! Or perhaps it is merely illiteracy that

plagues thee. As poorly educated as a bucket of the proverbial slugs, methinks!

No, I said Loyal.

There is a difference between Loyal and Nice. If you don't understand then I'm

sure that Thakria will work harder to make it more obvious.

Lilandrin, please don't patronise me. I've been in Avalon for much, much longer than

you may think, in one guise or another, and I remember days before even Mercinae,

Thakria and Parrius were even dreams. In Alqualonde, where the shadows fell.

Arikarr, who may yet suprise even the mighty.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Cloudburst, in the year 970.