A raising of an eyebrow.

Arikarr Darkheartto Everyone

Well, after a three month abscence from Avalon, I have returned. My first task was to

read ALL of these posts, one by one, to see what I had missed. So, imagine my

suprise when I discovered that I had missed NOTHING NEW. It's just the same here as

it always has been.....

People Bitching. Specifically, people from Mercinae, Parrius, and the wannabe town,

(Oh, whassitsname? SD?)

I really don't get it. You come here (PAY to come here) and then bitch, moan and whine

like schoolchildren in a playground. Well, I suppose it's possible that that's what

you are, but I find it unlikely. I thought that people who came to Avalon were a

cut above the norm. I have looked at a lot of MUDS and I must say that I have never seen

anything quite like all this. Amazing. Such purile and trite nonsense.

Meanwhile of course (here we go...) The people of Thakria dwell in harmony and alliance

with each other, maintain their true honour (So much for the so-called forces of good!),

and play hard & fair. Is it any wonder that everyone is so afraid of the City of Miracles?

We know what we're doing, and what you're doing as well. After all, you keep airing your

dirty laundry!

Come along now. Form an orderly queue. Chest-Beating on the right, pathetic bleating on

the left, and proud boasting following up your behind as usual.

So? whats next? Ah! I know. This is where you make threats and then get together in

groups and hunt me down. So whats new? That happens to me all the time. 2 or 3 considers

immediately after logging in each day has become normal practice. Go ahead.

If thats where you little mewling puppies get your kicks, then enjoy. I always was into

a bit of the rough stuff.

Quit moaning.

Just do it.

Arikarr for Thakria sitting back at laughing at the children.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Cloudburst, in the year 970.