Complaints about parrius troops.

General Plaman The Shadow of Doomto Everyone

This is a general msg to anyone concerned. Last I check I am and have been the field marshall of the parrian army. I have heard rumours about plaman says this and says that yet in all my time only Mutt has spoken to me any on the ideals of our

troops movements and placements and this was just last week. I am not a hard person to talk to and nobody pulls my strings so please address me personally about the army if you have questions about it. This could possibly save anyone and everyone

time worrying and stupid assumptions.

And to end any confusion parrius took any area that it has taken because one we could at the time and two for economic reasons. There is no more and no less to what is involved about our SOI. Once again any questions talk to me. I am not

unreasonable ask Mutt we had a good chat about it all.

Plaman, Last he checked General of Parrius but left out of discussion

Written by my hand on the 9th of Eleuthral, in the year 970.