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Cumanagoto Culinaneto The Reverend Panaideos

I have gone back and looked at the old posts. I agreed to fight you (13538) and then you did stick some conditions on (13542). I agreed to not using other's skills and although I made what is likely an accurate comment about the two weeks (13543) I

did not actually agree to it. This being said, nor did I disagree to it.

So I will endeavour to accomodate your little temper tantrum. Weekdays and or weeknights for that matter simply do not work for me. So I will move the time up by a week and suggest Saturday Aprl 18,1998 at the same time.

Surely your two week requirement can have an extra day added to it?

I do not really want to rearrange my dinner plans for this coming Friday night to accomodate an idiot like you, so there you have it. This Saturday is really the earliest time I can kick your ass up around your ears.

So two weeks plus a day. Do you intend to back out on a technicality? It won't surprise me, worm.


Written by my hand on the 25th of Cloudburst, in the year 969.