Isn't this exciting?.

The Reverend Panaideosto Cumanagoto Culinane

Just so no-one misses this wonderful display of Culinane displaying

publically his cowardice and admission of his incompetence...

I've now offered to fight him now, tomorrow at midnight, or at any time

within the limit he previously agreed to. I hope, Mercinaens, that you're

proud of your 'leader' who is apparently so willing to openly back out of

a challenge he accepted.

I was surprised that the Gods agreed to allow me to be granted thief skills

for the purpose of allowing Culinane to prove how overpowered Sorcerers are,

or just how dense and incapable Culinane is.

Culinane, you disgust me, you are quite capable of fighting as we agreed.

Genesis has been most generous in allowing you this opportunity, why are

you now willing to give it up, and in doing so further blackening both your

name and the name and reputation of your city.

Go back, read post 13542, you agreed to those terms. Quite simple, if you

don't fight by those terms, you have backed out.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Cloudburst, in the year 969.