Savannah, Weaver of Fateto Cumanagoto Culinane

Thanks for defining Parrius for us, we were wallowing in murky lack of direction before that.

Fact is, Parrius works. It's a bit of a surprise, but when I look around I see a very loose, sometimes volatile group of people doing their own thing, and I see the city thriving from it.

I'm not responsible for any Parrian's action, though I take pride in being somewhat responsible for giving citizens freedom to make those actions.

Parrians don't have some obnoxious barony to wrap them in red tape or politics precisely because it impedes individual - and therefore collective - progress (or eccentric lack of progress as the case has occasionally been).

I don't actually care if this is believed or understood.

If Plaman is watched by eyes so blurry that they must see the thieves guild or the city of Parrius rather than Plaman himself, no matter.

We have sharper vision, and are capable of dealing with the individual, chaotic and politically problematic as that may be.

It's funny and mad that a band of such disparate individuals could reach such a point of authority, but look around, that's what we have done.

And we've done it partially by acting of our own diverse accords, not by wondering how some other city would like to define us as a group.


Written by my hand on the 24th of Cloudburst, in the year 969.