Me and Jaci.

Spangly Robed Shenarrato Everyone

Thank to everyone who came to our wedding and helped make it a lovely

day. Special thanks to my Lord, Rhadamanthys, for a lovely day

and to our Lord, Magellan, who is always there for me, for us

and for all.

Thank you for the lovely presents, especially to Conan for the

bestest pressie of all.

And also, there are still a load of letters I planted all over the

land with chokkie cakes in, and gold (lots and lots of gold)

with one or two with special sorts of things in.

You cannot presience them and they are in fairly esoteric places

so the mappers will have a fine time of it <g>.

If they hang about too long I will be forced to post a list! All

I can tell you right now is that just about every area has one

in and I planted 20 of them, no special keys are needed,

just good maps.

Congrats to Criamulus who (unsurprisingly??) won the immortal

combat and reward.

Please feel free to ask me for a potion or rune of your choice

while Easter lasts? I will naturally provide the bottle

or silver.

Shen, now Mrs Bitch of Darkness - but still Spangly

Written by my hand on the 4th of Mournsend, in the year 969.