Your Really Pathetic.

Lorelord Allanonto The Reverend Panaideos

I applaud you for making excellent use of your god given skills regardless

of whether the majority think they may be overpowered and unfair.

It astounds me then that you take advantage of the difficulties people face

in connecting to Avalon to such an extent that you not just kill a person with

connection problems but proceeed to rape their equipment off them.

I am sure you gain huge satisfaction and probably engage yourself in a \"lewd act\" whilst

typing away (my you must high dexterity too).

No doubt things will stay the same, I can regain what you took with little difficulty

but I do question certain balances in the skills of professions.

Please dont bother replying, people probably dont particularly care about this post

let alone any response - it has maybe made me feel I have got a gripe of my chest.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Eleuthral, in the year 969.