Druid Mestopholies of the Peaceful Pathto Everyone

I once thought there was honor in the thieves of avalon. Or at lease enough common sense and courage as to not raid the KNOWN homes of animists.

This is the second time you entered my home and stole my goods. The first I gave you the benefit of the doubt as a whole cause you may not have known it was my home. But now there is a sign that plainly states it.

The only Items I care about getting back are my cow and oxen. Here are the numbers and I ask all to help if you find them if you see them please return them to me. Cow1104, Ox17502, ox6896. They answer to the names Nelly, hercules, and babe.

By the way, thieves, I hereby swear to aide you no longer so ask nothing of me till I get the animals back. But on that note keep the comms that were in my cart and what you harvested from the animist fields as they were to benefit all anyway.

Thank you,

Druid Mestopholies of the Peaceful Path.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Hindyear, in the year 968.