Unsurprisingly, you misunderstood.

The Reverend Panaideosto Cumanagoto Culinane

The reason I made it public (pw) knowledge that you got to choose profession

was merely to show just how you could have nothing to complain about when

you lose.

As for the prefix... it would have made more sense for you to have had

to keep yours if you lost. Nevertheless, i accept that condition, if i

have a stroke whilst fighting and lose i probably deserve a promotion to

Pope anyhow.

Might as well point out now there will be no use of runestaves during this

(proposed) duel. I doubt you wanted to be yanked around in them anyhow, but

to ensure you don't follow in Trell's footsteps and disgrace yourself by

setting up the area beforehand, they're out.

The only real condition outside of what any honourable and intelligent

combatant would expect, is that this takes place in the next two weeks if

it takes place at all, it's not going to drag on forever. Ideally it could

happen this weekend.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Midsummer, in the year 968.