Allergy Season.

Peaceful Sirona, Starry-eyed Dryadto Everyone

As some of you noticed today, allergy season has started, being summer

and all. I saw quite a few folks, sneezing and having trouble whenever

they went in fields, forests or the like. While Avalon had never had

troubles like this before, I guess all the new arrivals to the Isle

finally weaked our collective immune systems to the point where we can

now get Hayfever. There is no potion or herb that can cure Hayfever.

And it takes a healing skill that is equivilent almost to the ability

to pick wurtfoil. For those who do not wish to get allergies this year

or any other let me suggest that you make sure you sleep enough, and

eat plenty of good food. Breads, vegetables, and fruit are good choices.

This seems to bolster the immune system to the point where you are not

affected by allergies such as Hayfever.

Sirona, GuildMistress of the Animists

Written by my hand on the 14th of Midsummer, in the year 968.