I am leaving Parrius.

Sir Conan the Swordsmanto Everyone

I am leaving Parrius - yes really leaving Parrius, the city I helped Prince Brucos found in '92.

Since my return in September last year, I have struggled mightly to make new Parrius a place to call home.

Despite working extremely hard for the city, and at great personal cost, the citizens of Parrius refuse to give me the respect I have earned.

While my enemies will shout about all the times I flipped, nothing can detract from the herculean effort I put into the city. Lord Genesis will vouch for how dedicated I have been over the past half year.

I've had enough of my countrymens' indifference, and now leave Parrius in disgust.

First, a sorry to Mercy for giving her hell.

An extra special thanx to Shenarra and gang for trying very hard to accommodate me, and a general apology to those in Parrius who supported me.

To the members of the Warriors guild (Sepe, Jebaman, Aithne) which I will soon abandon, I dunno what to say. What can be said that doesn't sound cheap and tacky.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Skyelong, in the year 968.