Longnight and Totem of Diabolus.

Cumanagoto Culinaneto Everyone

Just a word of thanks to Conan, Tarkus, Johnii, Panamon and Mutt who were integral to bringing down Diabolus' Curse and the Longnight. Others did assist as well but they may wish to keep that to themselves, but my thanks to them anyway. You know who

you are.

A special fun note, Blondel was actually witnessed OUTSIDE yes OUTSIDE his guild when he raced out to get a single rub on me while both of these evil blights were upon the Land. However as I lifted Diabolus' Curse at about the same time, Blondel man

aged to sprint back to his barracks and qq before anything could really get at him.

Check with the Oracle near the Subterranean Lake, she is predicting that pigs will fly and Blondel will be seen outside his guild again in the next fifty years. And to think some people thought we would miss Malachaius...

Culinane, for the Light

Written by my hand on the 26th of Cloudburst, in the year 968.