Stolen Goods.

Druid Mestopholies of the Peaceful Pathto Everyone

From my home animals and a cart have been stolen. I am hoping this was not an act directly against me but a confusion as to whos home it was. I have had them starbeamed and 3 items are in the Forge Stockroom and 1 is in a location Called barracks inte


The items are Ox6896, Ox17502, Cow1104, and Cart28406. I ask that these please be returned to myself or any animist you see who can pass them on to me. If you come forward and return the items I will forgive and Forget.

Thank you kindly. (also if no one comes forward any information would be appreciated).

Yours in Peace and Compassion,

Druid Mestopholies of the Peaceful Path.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Agamnion, in the year 967.