regarding herbs.

Peaceful Sirona, Starry-eyed Forest Childto Everyone

The following herbs are extinct or their populations are so low

that we don't feel there is enough to sell for a profit.

Iorthir, Breldiar, Lestagii, Ucklice, Wirren

The following are getting to the point where supply is erratic at best

and you may or may not find any within our stores.

Tyrlar, Kathkusa, Gylvir

Lilandrin is right that the herbs need to have a certain ammount

in an area to grow correctly. We dont pick under 25. But 20 in an emergency

could be considered ok for personal use, but not for sale.

As for replanting, after discussing it with our Lord Aldaron the

guild is not officially replanting any of the above herbs until

folks learn to let them grow a bit and not pick all the seed

plants. Its a waste of our essance. We continue to try limited

seed plots in isolated places, and some members with their own

supplies of essence have gardens. But frankly folks, its going to

be an herbless world unless you can learn to not pick so much.

Let me suggest potions as a good way to replace some of the above

herbs. Potions at this point are cheaper, easily refilled, and

in better supply. Also learning to do without some herbs or be

more careful with their useage rates. And last of all, quit being

so greedy, you do not need 100 of an herb in your pouch, when you

only use one or two per day.

Sirona, GuildMistress of the Animists

Written by my hand on the 6th of Ilmarael, in the year 964.