Allanon and Theft.

Druid Mestopholies of the Peaceful Pathto Everyone

I, Mestopholies, am the owner of the fletcher's shop in thakria. First let me say I forgive allanon for doing this to a \"thakrian\" shop because he is an enemy of thakria. Now I wish to explain why I have this shop. I own this shop for one reason to ma

ke money for myself and to offer to my patron, these are personal and not guild resons so I do not see this as an offence to my guild, though I am sure that the guild will look into the \"accusation\" of defoliation. Thank you all. As always, Druid Mes

topholies, of the peacefull path. (attemping to stay as neutral as possible)

Written by my hand on the 14th of Skyelong, in the year 964.