Fletchers Shop.

Lorelord Allanonto Plaman

The only finger poiting to be done is to the incompetant Thakrian Barony

and Ministers who value so little the shops in their city they do nothing to

stop them getting robbed.

Some credit to Threap who did lose protection to give his life to try and

stop me.

two points about the fact the shop was \"run\" by an Animist.

1. If animists supply everyhting for free why have a shop charging gold for

herbs (if at a reasonable rate) and selling potions etc ...

2. The Animist Guild has a lovely shop at Sq in the ruined city.

I can only assume that as suspected this was just a Thakrian shop crying out to be robbed.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Skyelong, in the year 964.