A question about your temple and a follower.

My Lord,

A few days ago Mohrion teamed me in my guild with a seer with no warning as I had just entered the land.

He managed to kill me - fine it happens to me a lot.

Today I saw him in the land unprotected and challenged him to come out face to face.

He ran to your temple and said that he wouldnt fight me as his health was only 670 (mine incidently was 720 at the time)

I was fuming at this and used my gravity ritual to remove him from the temple grounds and killed him straight out.

He then threatened that I would recieve eternal disfavour from you for my actions.

My question is whether my actions were wrong - if they were I am deeply sorry.

Also is this how a follower of yours should act?


Wizard Amygdala, Baron of Springdale.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Agamnion, in the year 962.