Peaceful Sirona, Starry-eyed Forest Childto Everyone

While I'm not sure what the other guilds are doing this much I do know.

The Animist Guild considers lestagii extinct. Which means we do not

believe there is enough in the lands to have any to pick for anything

other then reseeding. As such, there is none in our store, none being

sold by us, and none being handed out to those who ask. A few of us had

some in our herb pouches prior to this current period of extinction, and

have given one or two away. But that lestagii has been in our possession

for years. My current supply of all 3 of them, is from so long ago I

was still married when I picked it. The only way I can even think of

to get lestagii today besides picking it below the 25 per patch we consider

safe, is to provide enough essance to convince somebody to make seeding

plants with it, and perhaps get a few for yourself as a thanks for your

offering. And frankly, I don't know of anyone who's done that. Although

a few folks asked earlier last year. Whatever lestagii is in the lands

is not coming from us. Along with the other valley herbs that are in

short supply. We simply don't deal in herbs after the supply gets too

low to sustain the population. On a side note, I'd think hard before

I started blaming any God for what a mortal did. Unless the God ordered

the action. And frankly, the last thing I'd ever expect Aldaron to do

is suggest his Animists go pick herbs past the appropriate sustaining

population number and then sell them for profit. There's only two herbs

that are picked by us lower then 25, madabril in emergancies, and wurtfoil.

And we only pick the madabril if someone is dying and we can't afford

to run across the lands looking for it.

In Life, Sirona

Written by my hand on the 17th of Hindyear, in the year 962.