Dearest Flogga,

As I stated before, lestagii didnt disappear until after I made the offer at which

time the warlocks came running down the road from Thakria to pick it all up. If you

knew anything at all about herb and poison growth, you'd know that things grow back

faster when they are under 20 in a location, and slower over that. So, it doesnt really

matter if you pick below, as long as you dont pick to zero (which I didnt only to 5,

must I repeat myself again?). Just because the majority of people do a thing, does it

make it the best thing to do? Prehaps you've heard of a little thing called mob


Anyways, no, I have fought you alone, by my lonesome, in your rits, in Parrius tonnes of

times. You must have a really bad memory, if you keep insisting this did not happen.

And I dont criticise you for sitting outside, my dear, I criticised you for sitting

outside in a city and expecting me to come to you to fight. If you wish a fight, forget

your rits and come to the forest (you'd probably have to be really dumb to do this, but

I do not put it past you). As for staying catted, its much more peaceful being catted,

I don't have idiots like you yakking in my ear constantly that way.

Finally, for the silver you and a half million others stole from my guild... well, I stole

it from Thakrian staves in the first place, so I'm none too worried.



Written by my hand on the 5th of Cloudburst, in the year 962.