Lilandrin, lets face reality. You are almost never in my rituals without someone else being involved on your side.

I understand, thats fine. Mage professions are not the Rangers strong suite.

But I digress.

The real issue is lestagii.

Fact 1: I heard a rumour, based on Criamulus' testimony given in the last post that it was you who was picking down.

Fact 2: I thought it was possible, but remained open minded on the issue, since one witness does not make a case.

Fact 3: Subsequent to that, you made your offer for sale of lestagii on the bb.

Fact 4: You are the only person I can recall ever having posted on the bb that choosing not to pick herbs or poisons below 25 was stupid.

Most people post bbs begging for people to observe this policy.

Obviously many people do pick below 25, for all sorts of reasons.

You, however actually called this a stupid morality to stick to.

That's the case against you.

Whats really sad is watching the brave but not too bright cubs following blindly their very clever, but none too brave, leader.

Haven't any of them asked why you criticise me for sitting outside, yet you spend most of your online time catted in safety locations?

By the way - thanks for leaving all that silver lying around your guildhouse.

Possibly it is Avalons finest toilet.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Cloudburst, in the year 962.