The Next Installment.

Lilandrin the Lionessto Everyone

Dearest Criamulus and Flogga,

Criam, when you saw me and Mags down there, twas a couple weeks after I did make my offer

(Which no one took me up on, so don't blame me if you dont have lestagii). Also,

you were a thief then, how would you know how low I was picking it to? (At that time

it was 5, get it straight, or complain to Kronok about him picking nann away).

To Flogga, goddamned, you refuse to admit to nothing do ya? I dont know how many times

Ive been sitting in your rits (unconcious) and managed to get away. That truly shows

your ability as a mage type sweetcheeks. Prehaps you should go back to the seers? I hear

that that guild is in horribly bad shape these days (like DEAD - Muhahahahaha!).

Finally, if you really want some lestagii, like I said, if you actually learnt the layout

of the land, you'd find that there are other areas surveyed as valley then the western

road. But of course, you type of folk prefer to huddle together and kill little people,

so I doubt that you will actually ever learn your way around.


Lily, who lied about that being her last post.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Mournsend, in the year 962.