M and Ms.

Oh, sweetheat! You do seem to be taking this to heart. Let me explain again...

I attack you in Chapmans square, sitting in your rits, kill you a couple times, grow

bored of this cause you never do leave that place.

You attack me in my guild, I kill you a couple times, you complain about it!

You start attacking my little cubs cause you can't kill me, and you complain some more.

You challenge me, sitting in full rits in a city. Do you really think Im going to

make the trouble of walking all the way to Parrius just to die in rits? Nah! You

come on into the Greenwood sometime, forget your rits if you'd like (you're dumb

enough to think I'll fight in a city, you might be dumb enough to forget some rits!) and

I will fight ya no problems. Until then, just you be happy sitting over there sweetcheeks,

cause you're gonna be doing it alone until some poor soul walks into your rits unawares



Lily, who is not gonna post about this again cause it's getting tedious

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Eleuthral, in the year 962.