Misguided Stone Fears.

Savannah, Gypsy Queento Lorelord Allanon

Several have alluded to the stone wars serving as an excuse to practice dishonour (such as teaming).

Curiously none of those who have posted with such dread of stones has been of the seer profession.

I will offer some private info to clear this up - I do not bond locations, I refuse to free stones, I do no stone work for anyone.

As you will recall, Allanon, when I scarred your team through a stone, I used the ROS stone. It had no influence over the location you were in.

Its locations were irrelevant to that activity.

I will continue to fight you not because I care about stone influence. Truly, I no longer do.

I will fight you because you are a coward, you are unforgivably unintelligent, and you are morally shallow (light vs dark? Reminiscent of Hitler's rationalizing of the Holocaust - admittedly a bit of an overstatement, but one that nevertheless rings t

rue on some levels).

I am exhausted by idiots who insist on lecturing me on the stone wars - idiots who cannot even peer into a single stone.

Think of another excuse to fight, if you must, considering the fallacy of your stone war reasoning, but do not let up in the fight.

As I say, I am ready to die again.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Eleuthral, in the year 962.