Lorelord Allanonto Everyone

As the seers as a guild some time ago decided to attack Mercinae by reducing

the Mystics guild influence and \"invading\" with their own stones all

Seers have become targets in what is called \"the stone wars\".

It is my duty to assist in this and ANY seer sitting in the Domed Lookout can expect to be

attacked and killed as even relatively little seers can imprint stones and add locations.

Until such time as the Mystics guild reach a treaty or agreement with the Seers or tell

us to stop this will continue.

Of course there are certain seers who warrant killing whereever they may be

Malachaius instantly springs to mind.

Interestingly when Thakria were supporting their seers and winning the stone wars

daily Mystics were getting slaughtered, I dont ever remember them whinging on the


Many may think Seers are harmless sitting in their quiet little guild looking

into Crystal orbs and suchlike - I dont they would keep thinking that if on the

they keep moving in locations bonded to the seers stone and thus

easy prey to be attacked.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Midwinter, in the year 962.