Darling Flogga,

I have countless times attacked you whilst you sit in your rits in Chapmans square, or

is your memory going? I've even sat in you rits while you have been unable to kill me!

Don't you ever use dazzle? I don't have fullignore, so it will catch me ya know.

As for today, well, I killed you three times, wasn't that enough? And I think it was YOU

who came into my guild (fighting a ranger in the forest, in her guild, very dumb), not me

who brought you there for tea. And THEN I killed you on the Uruk road, never knew that

was part of my guild. It's also not forest either.

As for challenges, well, I think it's funnier to watch you scream and rave sitting in your

rits while I laugh at ya. I don't need a challenge to fight ya, but you must think I'm

really dumb if Im gonna walk into full rits!

And again about lestagii... Back then (months ago) lestagii was at 20 at least. I didnt

need to pick it down to 5. It was only after my offer that it fell that low. Mostly cause

of warlocks running up and down the great road north, and the uruk road. Besides, if you

did ANY exploring at all, you'd know that that aint the only place the damned stuff grows.


Lily, going to kill you again when she feels like it.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Midwinter, in the year 962.