your posts.

Hmm, you hardly ever team?

Since I hauled my new guild skills up to ultimate you have refused to get involved in any one on one confrontation with me.

It is most amusing to watch you flee to a barracks whenever a portal heads your way.

Of course, when you have a trueyanker around it all gets a little different doesn't it.

Suddenly you love firing that bow!

Today for the first time you allowed a one on one to happen, of course thats if you don't count sitting in your guild with your staves and xantipe.

I notice you stayed catted for what - about 2 hours - just to prevent me getting a challenge off - that might have been embarrassing wouldn't it?

And as for blaming Warlocks - I didn't see them offering lestagii for sale just a few months ago when most locations had 5 growing.

Of course only picking down to 5 is so very useful, anyway - I'm sure we should all applaud your practicality.



Written by my hand on the 25th of Midwinter, in the year 962.