Two posts in a row!.

Dear Griffyn,

Seers are attacked because of their attacks on Mercinae's stone influence, not

because Mercinaens are blood thirsty murderers (I'm the only one in that category, and I

rarely team anyhows).

As for destroying dark, that's what light is susposed to do I thought? That's what we work

for, except we're generally more humane then dark (admittedly not by much).

Besides, if we didn't fight each other, what would we have to do but sit in mines

looking stupid?



P. S. Please Parrians, stay out of Thakria/Mercinaen business and in your little village.

P. P. S. Forgot, Flogga, the only peoples you seem to be able to kill anyways are those

that give you big BL, so I guess you just plain outta luck on that part!

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Midwinter, in the year 962.