Savannah, Gypsy Queento Lorelord Allanon

Though I seldom post here, and already regret forcing others to slush through what I have to say, net connection problems forced a premature end to our conversation, which I would like to continue.

I have no problem with your teaming tactics. True, you are ridiculously larger than me, as were all of your friends. I do not mind.

I have never forced a fight with anyone, except in defense of a friend, until you gave me the honour of being your primary target.

Now I will continue to challenge you and your team, and I will continue to die, until I am eventually wiped from Avalon.

So whatever your reasons may be for your attack, don't hesitate to maintain that same level of hate-filled ferocity, because I am developing a curious hunger for it.

I am ready to die again.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Midwinter, in the year 962.